The ESDP-1 (Embedded Systems Development Platform) is a cost effective rapid prototyping environment for embedded software development that allows multiple engineering disciplines to work on the same platform.

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MPC555 Downloader

The MPC555 Downloader allows Matlab and Simulink data to be safely and quickly downloaded onto your MPC555 devices. It is available for the following versions of Matlab:

Matlab R 14 SP 2
Matlab 2006B
Matlab 2009B

USB to CANBus Module for Simulink

Arkitrol has created a USB to CANBus Module for Simulink which provides a tool for communication with CANBus devices for computers that lack a CANBus interface. This is a useful tool since most modern computers are not equipped with the CANBus interface. This USB to CANBus Module utilizes Q-Proto's QuickCAN device to provide a USB to CANBus interface for any machine with USB capability.

Versatyle Testr3 Studio

Information about the testr3 studio is available here.


Rotago is a fun new puzzle game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It features 40 progressively challenging levels. The rules are simple: rotate and move the triangular pieces up, down, left or right. The objective is to bring all 4 pieces to the designated spots, denoted by 4 arrows. Sometimes you will not be able to move in certain directions, and sometimes you'll have to undo what you did to rotate different pieces of the puzzle. The game is available on the iTunes market for 99 cents and can by downloaded here.


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